Google Analytics Spam supporting Donald Trump?

UPDATE: Google Analytics Trump Spam

We’re a week into the site, and the Vote Trump analytics spam continues to persist (click here for last week’s article). However, it’s fortunately not nearly as persistent.  Ironically, the spam seemed to have reveal…

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Paying with Credit Cards is Risky.

A Credit Card Takes a Holiday Part 1

Introduction Credit card fraud and Christmas season go together like hot chocolate and a yuletide log fire …but instead of a log it’s actually your house burning to the ground. Fortunately these days, peace of mind…

5 Free Swag Items No One Wants

Let’s get one thing out of the way: swag is an awful term.   If the term doesn’t feel you with rage, the plethora of this crap certainly will.  You can call free swag many things;…

Finding the Real Eric Thames

On Tuesday (11/29), the Brewers signed former failed prospect Eric Thames to a 3-year, 16 million dollar contract. In doing so, they also DFA’d the co-leader for home runs in the National League, Chris Carter….

Texans travel to Lambeau Field.

Early Purview: Texans at Packers.

Early Purview is a new quick-take segment for Packer fans at We take a look at the upcoming matchup and give the best prediction for the game.  The Houston Texans (6-5) travel to the…

What Broke Breitbart?

Did Stephen Bannon Kill Andrew Breitbart?

Subscribers to since the late 1990’s will know far and wide how much Andrew Breitbart meant to Matt Drudge. The two, in tandem, had then set the precedent for how users consumed their news…

Google Analytics Spam supporting Donald Trump?

Google Analytics: Vote Trump Spam? is only a couple days old, and already I’m seeing some weird data from my Google Analytics. The great thing about analytics is that you can learn a lot about your traffic entering your…

Viking's Coach Mike Zimmer undergoing surgery.

Mike Zimmer Undergoing Emergency Eye Surgery

Minnesota Vikings’ head coach Mike Zimmer is undergoing emergency eye surgery Wednesday night. The team’s general manager released the following statement: “Mike Zimmer is having emergency eye surgery tonight. His status for coaching tomorrow’s game…

A black bar of coal tar soap.

Treating Psoriasis: Coal Tar Soap

Psoriasis: A Personal History I’m a fortunate soul. Perhaps you’ve been seeing the countless ads for psoriasis treatments (HUMIRA® comes to mind). Five years ago, psoriasis was just another term lost in the medical dictionary….