Did Somone Leak White House Secrets?

White House Whistler Blower began leaking details of the new administration.

Yesterday, a Twitter profile popped up and began releasing a barrage of alleged “leaks”.  Whether these leaks were true or not remains to be seen. However the Twitter account lasted for appeared to be 12 hours before mysteriously disappearing.

So far, there has been no official word about an alleged leak from the administration.  Archive.is managed to snag a snapshot of the account prior to deletion, which can be viewed here.  Below are just some of the topics the account says is being discussed in the White House.

Trump Doesn’t Care About Abortion

Does Trump Not Support GOP's Abortion Stance?

The topic of abortion has been a tricky one to decipher regarding Trump.  He’s been hesistant in years past to discuss the topic at all.  But since the start of his campaign, Trump has taking a pro-life stance, but spoke as someone uneducated about abortions that pro-lifers rarely take.

Trump Wants Everyone to Have Healthcare

Does Trump Support Universal Healthcare?

Long ago, Trump vowed to bring universal healthcare to all Americans when he explored running for President in the early 2000’s.  And when hard-pressed today, he has shown a penchant towards single payer, repeatedly.  Sure, he’s been Anti-ACA, but he’s spoken very little on replacement or fixing.

Reince Priebus Resigning?

Is Reince Priebus Resigning?

Reince has looked white as a ghost since election night.

Reince Priebus looks like a ghost.

Trump Really Wants To Investigate Illegal Voters

What is Trump's deal on voter fraud?

Trump tweeted yesterday that he would formally ask to investigate states he lost badly in, claiming millions of illegals rigged the vote.  It’s quite odd he would care. He won afterall.  But it’s important to view Trump for what he really is.  He simply wants to be the most popular, best president in history.  The fact he lost the popular vote tarnishes that record.

Continue reading the tweets here.

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