Stop Google Analytics Referral Spam With Ease

Eaisily Stop Google Analytics Referral Spam

The struggles against Google Analytics referral spam is well-documented on this site.  From Vote for Trump to spamming google analytics, it’s become a near nightmare.  It wasn’t long until we discovered the notorious spammer Vitaly Popov was behind the Trump spam, putting a face to the madness.

However, the problem remained unsolved: How do we stop the spam in google analytics? Many suggested adding filters to the account. That task proved cumbersome and fruitless.  Much like a Hydra. As soon as one spam is filtered out, three more emerged.  Fortunately, someone came up with a solution.

Filtering Google Analytics Spam Made Easy

Direct link to Referrer Spam Blocker

Enter, Referrer Spam Blocker.  3-Steps, and you’re done.  Rinse, and repeat every few months to make sure you are up-to-date.  All free.

Is there much more to say?  Well sure.  Referrer Spam Blocker is a project from Stijlbreuk, a digital agency from the Netherlands. They make absolutely no money from their too, and simply want users to share the project. Like most, they grew tired of the tedious work of updating the filters for each analytic spam that crops up.  A little elbow-grease and a Friday afternoon later, Referrer Spam Blocker was born.

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