Throwback: Chris Farley & The 1996 Green Bay Packers

Chris Farley, Andre Rison, Sean Jones, Edgar Bennet on The Tonight Show Jay Leno

In honor of the Thursday before Super Bowl LI, let’s take a look back to a special time when the Green Bay Packers won.  Shortly after trouncing the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XXXI, a trio of Green Bay Packers flew out to Burbank, California, to appear on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Sean Jones, Edgar Bennett, and Andre Rison were treated to a surprise appearance from Wisconsin mayor Cheddar McFarley from the metropolis of Stitzer (an unincorporated town in southwest Wisconsin).  Of course, the mayor was fictional and played by the late Chris Farley, a proud native from the state.

Watch the video below (and thanks to NBC for not taking it down):


JAY LENO: This should be a very meaningful and moving tribute to you gentlemen … all the way from Stitzer, Wisconsin–you know guys where that is? That’s in Grant County. Yeah, please welcome mayor Cheddar McFarley ladies & gentlemen.

[Music Introduction]

CHRIS FARLEY: Yeah, all right! Hear-ye, Hear-ye! In recognition of outstanding performance representing the great state of Wisconsin, America’s Dairyland State. I, mayor Cheesopolous have a dream. Where every American boy and girl will grate cheese together in one pasteurized society. Where one day we will bring back the full Swiss wheel.

CHRIS FARLEY: What happened to the milk man? He come to my house every day with milk filled in bottles, cream so thick you’d have to cut it off with a machete before you pour it onto your cereal! I remember a day where I had to walk from Blessed Sacrament School all the way to Lambeau Field in 10-feet of snow for one tiny curd! A little tiny curd…

BODYGUARDS: Mayor! Mayor!

CHRIS FARLEY: Leave me alone! Nobody cares anymore. It’s all low-fat this, and low-fat that! I’m going to go on a diet, [expletive deleted].

BODYGUARD 1: Mayor! Mayor! Green Bay won.

BODYGUARD 2: For God’s sake, the tide is turning.

CHRIS FARLEY: You fellas are right. The tide is turning, because of these gentlemen here. By God, gentlemen. I owe you a debt of gratitude. By God. I’d like to present you with some cheesehead awards…[losing breath]…I can’t breathe anymore.

CHRIS FARLEY: All right, Edgar ‘Cheddar Head’ Bennett, Cheesehead Honorary.


CHRIS FARLEY: Andre ‘The Brie’ Rison.


CHRIS FARLEY: Sean ‘The String Cheese’ Jones



JAY LENO: Thank you Mr. Mayor! Thank you!

Fun fact: The bodyguards are played by Chris Farley’s brothers, Kevin and John

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