Eaisily Stop Google Analytics Referral Spam

Stop Google Analytics Referral Spam With Ease

The struggles against Google Analytics referral spam is well-documented on this site.  From Vote for Trump to spamming google analytics, it’s become a near nightmare.  It wasn’t long until we discovered the notorious spammer Vitaly Popov…

White House Whistler Blower began leaking details of the new administration.

Did Somone Leak White House Secrets?

Yesterday, a Twitter profile popped up and began releasing a barrage of alleged “leaks”.  Whether these leaks were true or not remains to be seen. However the Twitter account lasted for appeared to be 12 hours…

Google Analytics Spam supporting Donald Trump?

UPDATE: Google Analytics Trump Spam

We’re a week into the site, and the Vote Trump analytics spam continues to persist (click here for last week’s article). However, it’s fortunately not nearly as persistent.  Ironically, the spam seemed to have reveal…