Looking for Cards Against Humanity Alternatives?

4 New & Hilarious Adult-Party Card Games

Your friends are over again. You’ve pulled your go-to game, Cards Against Humanity, out once more. The group reaction lies somewhere between “oh, this is a sure-fire hit” and “but this is the 10th time…

Easily convert to a Russian with these essential products.

The Ultimate ‘Become A Russian’ Starter Kit

Certainly the buzz about Russia’s involvement in the recent United States election will give many pause.  Seeing that many Americans are brushing off the issue, it’s high time we take the “When in Rome” approach.  We always knew communism…

HEPA Air Filter

Best Place To Buy HEPA Air Filters

Historically speaking, air filters have been around for many decades, some say as long as 200 years.  HEPA Air filters have been a perfect way to improve the air quality in your home.  What’s interesting…