4 New & Hilarious Adult-Party Card Games

Looking for Cards Against Humanity Alternatives?

Your friends are over again. You’ve pulled your go-to game, Cards Against Humanity, out once more. The group reaction lies somewhere between “oh, this is a sure-fire hit” and “but this is the 10th time we played it this month”. The joy of explaining who Glenn Beck is long gone. In fact, you can’t even remember who he is anymore. Or perhaps you grow tired of understanding house rules.  Sounds like you? Then you need a new party game.

We’ve all been there. Even the makers of Cards Against Humanity know expansions can no longer supplement the desire for a fresh adult-party card game. Having recently announced “refreshes” packed into three separate 300-card packs. A Red Box, Blue Box, and a Green Box. But we yearn for something more! Whether it’s raunchy, or just plain fun, we’ve tested and tried these fun games that had us laughing and mingling for hours into the night. So expect much enjoyment in these Cards Against Humanity alternatives, because there is a card game for every group!

For the Raunchy: Joking Hazard

Joking Hazard is an awesome party card game.

From the cranksters at Cyanide & Happiness comes a hilarious card game that will give you a hernia from laughing so hard. The learning curve is as simple as Apples to Apples, making it a giant CAH competitor. The gamebox contains 360 panel cards with each card containing a single panel. A round requires players to finish three panels in the most outrageous or random way possible to make a hilarious story. The first panel is drawn at random, the second panel is laid by the judge, and the third is completed by the remaining players.

Yes, these cards will contain inappropriate humor from random awkward moments to inappropriate boners. Kid-friendly crowd? If you need to tone the game down, there are only 50-60 offensive cards that would need to be removed. Swear words (about 20-30) may need to be censored with a sharpie on any remaining cards. Kids and adults alike will enjoy the simple caricatures of C&H.

Our Tips
Avoid if: Around kids as they will be attracted to the cartoon drawings. If need be, remove the cards as noted in our review above.

Try: Short on players? Play the house by drawing a random card again for the third panel. If no one claims the card, everyone loses the round!

Where to Buy

Joking Hazard Game
1526 Reviews
Joking Hazard Game
  • Joking Hazard is an EXTREMELY not-for-kids party game from the minds of Cyanide & Happiness, the hit webcomic.
  • Three or more players compete to build funny and terrible comics about friendship, violence, sex, and everything in between.

For Small Groups: Red Flags

Red Flags is a great card game for couple parties!

We’ve all been on dates that have gone horribly wrong, but Red Flags will make it pale in comparison. The game is simple: each person takes a turn being single, while each player acts as a matchmaker. Each date gives you two cards of good quality (perks), and one deal-breaking quality (red flag).

Each box contains 175 Perks and 225 Red Flags. With 400 cards, this makes one of the largest card games on the list. You’ll be surprised by what turn-offs (or ons) your friends may have! The original deck is PG-13, so if you are looking to get very R-rated consider adding the Darker Red Flags to your deck.

Our Tips
Avoid if: You are playing in a group bigger than 8 people. Large groups can impact the pace of each round and create confusion about the eligible bachelors or bachelorettes. 

Where to Buy

Red Flags: 400-Card Main Game
157 Reviews
Red Flags: 400-Card Main Game
  • From Darin Ross, the creator of the hit party game Superfight
  • Use perk cards like "OLYMPIC GYMNAST, LOVES TO CUDDLE, and LIVES IN A CASTLE" to create hot dates for one of your friends.

For Close Friends: Drunk, Stone, or Stupid

Drunk, Stone, & Stupid Card Game

Done, Stone, & Stupid is a game of accusations, assumptions, and personal history among your friends. Each card contains a particular personality trait or shameful act that can only be possible if the person was either drunkstoned, or just plain stupid. Unlike most of the card games in this list, only one card is played each round.  Each player has a turn to draw one card and act as judge, while the rest argue who the card describes best.

The real meat of the game comes from the hysterical stories players will tell of their friends, or when the accused flat-out denies it.  Players will be offended, players will proudly accept the truth, yet all will laugh. There isn’t a winner to this game, only a loser, so if your friend’s overly competitive boyfriend is around he might need to take a seat.

Our Tips
Avoid if: your party-goers are simply acquaintances. It can also be difficult with people who are depressed, married, or with kids who may not want to admit these things.

Try: with large groups. Instead of having one judge, have the entire group decide who deserves the card. Half the fun is arguing who really deserves the card.

Where to Buy

2573 Reviews
  • 250 prompt cards to decide who in the group is MOST LIKELY TO...
  • More players the better (seriously, 10 people would be chill)
  • This game can get real. Prepare to call out your friends.
  • Contains the same cards as the game "WHO'S MOST LIKELY TO..."

For Coworkers: Funemployed

Funemployed party game

No one enjoys job interviews.  So naturally, why not make a game out of it?  FUNemployed is a game of real jobs with outrageous qualifications. Don’t sweat it. Players take turns mock interviewing for a real job while having to work in 4 qualifications for the job.  Each box contains 392 cards (320 Qualification cards, 72 Job cards) leaving ample room for opportunities of hilarity.

Unlike Cards Against Humanity which leaves the humor up to the cards, the fun Funemployed is provided by the improv and comedic skills of the interviewee.  This game is the perfect  icebreaker for recent new friends and acquaintances.  But be warned that the game can get a bit racy and immature, but that is all in good fun.

Our Tips
Avoid if: playing with groups larger than 8 people. Similar to Red Flags, larger groups slows down the game and can create confusion or disinterest.

Try: at forced gatherings such as family events or social hours with coworkers.

Where to Buy

HALOFUN Doctor Toys kit
204 Reviews
HALOFUN Doctor Toys kit
  • 12 PIECE DOCTOR KIT: Help children learn about the human body and calm doctor-related fears as they engage in doctor/patient role play. The Doctor Set has an assortment of 12 medical tools & gadgets that will spark your child's imagination!
  • STURDY, CHILD-FRIENDLY DESIGN: Unlike the typical shoddy toys being made today, our toys are built with quality, durability and safety in mind. The sturdy plastic instruments in this play doctor kit are easy to clean for the utmost hygiene.
  • FUN TO PRETEND PLAY & LEARN: Kids love our pretend play doctor kit for its light and sounds, which makes the play scene realistic and children fun to learn all about the tools a doctor/dentist/nurse uses to help keep them healthy.
  • PREPARE THE PERFECT GIFT FOR YOUR CHILD: Super Value Toy Pack for Doctor Dress Up Set. Perfect for Party, Pretend Play, Role Play, School Classroom, Holiday Toy Gifts, Christmas Gifts and More!!! Create Hours of Fun Playtime.


Honorable Mentions

These games are more great additions to your card collection that we couldn’t pass up mentioning.

Sale Exploding Kittens Card Game
Sale Exploding Kittens: NSFW Edition (Explicit Content - ADULTS ONLY!)
Sale Utter Nonsense Naughty Edition

Have an AWESOME card game not listed? We’d love to know! Comment down below.


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