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HEPA Air Filter
Pictured Above: GermGuardian AC4825 3-in-1 Air Cleaning System

Historically speaking, air filters have been around for many decades, some say as long as 200 years.  HEPA Air filters have been a perfect way to improve the air quality in your home.  What’s interesting is air filters enjoyed a banner year in 2004 with the introduction of portable home air purifiers. Many did not realize the airborne allergens had caused them so much strife.  If anything, the comparison between a new and used air filter brought peace of mind.

Over a decade later, air filters sales appeared to have slipped significantly. The fact that air filters are so damn expensive could be one reason.  Direct sales from air purifier makers put prices as high as $59.99 per replacement filter back in 2007.  American consumers likely felt the benefits simply couldn’t justify the steep price.   Nor did it help that most purifiers demanded a proprietary filter, which made it impossible to find the right type.

Thanks to the rise of the Internet, now it’s even easier to find air filters at a low price.  Of course, the go-to store these days is But surprisingly, in our research they did not provide the cheapest filters for home air purifiers.

Let’s look at a couple examples:

Air Filters– vs.

Hunter 30963 HEPA Air Filter

Holmes Aer1 Air Filter

Hunter Air Filters
Amazon Price: $17.21
FiltersFast Price: ~$15.98
Holmes Air Filter
Amazon Price: $25.83
FiltersFast Price: ~$18.25
Notes: Prices include shipping & handling and were the best prices we could find at the time of this post.  Filter was not available for 2-day Prime shipping. Notes: Prices include shipping & handling and were the best prices we could find at the time of this post.   Filter was not available for 2-day Prime shipping.

To give a bit of history, the Hunter filter goes to my Hunter 30714 model air filter which is nearly 10 years old.  I remember experiencing sticker shock at the price of air filters in 2008 that I threw the entire product into storage.  The Holmes Aer1 air filter is a newer model that we purchased last year to combat some dust issues in our studio apartment.  Upon realizing air filter prices had come down 7 years later, I decided to pull the old Hunter out of storage.

I was about to complete my purchase on when I had the realization, “Could I get these air filters cheaper?”.  A quick search brought me to   Looking at the comparison table above, I was shocked at the price difference.

My next question was “Am I sacrificing price for service quality?”.  Amazon has been extremely reliable, but my answer to that question was “Probably”.  I decided that it was worth it to give it a try.  I placed my order at for the several replacement filters from above and waited.

My air purification filters came one at a time over the next week.  While the 2-Day prime shipping is a beautiful perk, I wasn’t dying to get these filters the next day. So the wait was fine, although I would have preferred to have had them come at the same time. Conclusion

Surprisingly, the filters were of amazing quality.  And the fact that the products arrived as intended made my confidence in shoot up 100%.  The fact I saved $10 among the entire order was well worth it.  There is a giant cost of merchants selling on Amazon, and I feel that FiltersFast avoids most of that overhead to be one of the niche websites that is competitive to Amazon.

For the best air filters for your value, visit  But if you’re in the market for a new home air filtration system, then is definitely the way to go.

Looking for a new air purifier? Here are the top 3 bestsellers at Amazon now.

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