Early Purview: Texans at Packers.

Texans travel to Lambeau Field.

Early Purview is a new quick-take segment for Packer fans at Wamzlee.com. We take a look at the upcoming matchup and give the best prediction for the game. 

The Houston Texans (6-5) travel to the Green Bay Packers (5-6) with the hopes of maintaining their division lead among the AFC South.  Fans will recall the last meeting in 2012 when Aaron Rodgers threw for 6 TDs onto a 42-24 blowout win over the 5-0 Texans.  But a different year, a different team for both.

The Packers have struggled mightily against a very weak AFC South this year, laying eggs to the Titans and Colts.  Let’s not forget the close win over the Jaguars during the opener.  Last week, the Packers managed to find a spark in all three phases of the game. Easily handing the Philadelphia Eagles another loss.

We strongly assume the struggles against the AFC South is due to lethargic  efforts by McCarthy’s staff on taking AFC South competition seriously.  However, with Osweiller struggling and Wisconsin-born JJ Watt out for the year, we see a small scenario for a Texan victory.  Aaron Rodgers being limited in the pocket will be a blessing in disguise, as it will force him to trust his reads and see more of the field.

With that said, we believe the Packers will squeak by a win; snapping a 0-4 streak facing Houston teams at Lambeau Field.

Prediction: Packers 26, Texans 24



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