Google Analytics: Vote Trump Spam?

Google Analytics Spam supporting Donald Trump? is only a couple days old, and already I’m seeing some weird data from my Google Analytics. The great thing about analytics is that you can learn a lot about your traffic entering your website.  One of the key details is the Language setting used in a user’s browser.  Primarily, I was expecting most new users would have the “en-us” language, aka English.  But what was peculiar was a language setting I have never seen before:

Secret.ɢ You are invited! Enter only with this ticket URL. Copy it. Vote for Trump!

My first reaction: um…What?

A quick google search turned up that this appears to be a huge problem. As Georgi Georgiev wrote on

Due to the message being related to the US elections happening on Nov 8, we expected that this kind of spam will be short-lived. Boy, were we wrong – it is only growing stronger as it appears to be catching the attention of many webmasters around the world. Like e-mail spam, spammers who insert fake traffic in Google Analytics also trive on attention.

Further in the article, Georgiev explains that the traffic is most simply bots.  There has been much evidence and speculation that Trump’s popularity has been due to bot’s infecting many social news websites. Given that my website had only been linked to for the first time on twitter, by me as a test, lends further evidence to that theory.

For fun, here are further stats that show correlation:

Google Analytics – Session Data

Google Analytics - Impressions and Visitors

Tweet Impresions



This is for sure one thing you can’t wave your hand at.


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